—————- Skills: Experience & good English

As QC’ers have done other roles for some time, they know what errors to look for:

  • Blemishes in the RAW cleaning / editing / re-drawing. 
  • Inconsistencies in character names, stories, themes, etc.
  • General language errors: spelling, grammar, idioms, quotes, etc.
  • Research / Facts - double check translator’s info or better edit the translator’s statements to fit the story / the English language.
—————- Requirements: 
  • Any version of editing program that can work with .PSD format. Photoshop CS4 or higher is most preferred, though.
  • Communication program: valid email address or any of the social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Livejournal.
  • Should be okay with installing dropbox to your desktop and be invited to the group’s folder via email address. Inviting you is a means of the admin having faith in you not to publish our files anywhere without permission.
  • …Free time (not necessarily, we work at our own pace unless it has a deadline)

Interested? Send me an email to mxr.scanlations@ymail.com.
I only need one or two QCers (for now). Thanks ^^;

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