Sore o Koigokoro to Yobu no Nara (それを恋心と呼ぶのなら)

So I found out there’s a new manga by Ichikawa Kei being serialized in BexBoy magazine And already has four chapters? O_O If anyone has an idea about this, please, please let me know! Thanks. Or if you have scans for it…. lemme know as well :D

小さな恋のメロディ (Chiisana Koi no MELODY) BL Drama CD


(The sound tracks were found in Aarinfantasy Forum).
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Remember this manga? It’s Kocchite Muite Waratte by Ichikawa Kei. It’s another one of Libre Shuppan’s so we’re going to be extra careful with this. No download link for the project as usual. But you’ll still be able to read it in our reader :)

This is gonna be a joint project with Indigo Scans. We are so excited to work on it together! :DD Actually, I’ve started working (cleaning) it already =w=

[oneshot] Boku ha Anata ni Koi wo Suru

Here’s another work by Ichikawa Kei! It’s a one-shot, though but a lovely story nonetheless :) This is a joint project with Must Be Endless Scans. They’re a newly made sc group, so be sure to say your thanks as well!  Thanks for the hard work, guys! ^_^ And, because this is another one of Libre Shuppan’s, no download link as usual. Be sure to remember by now that we do not provide download links for any Libre Shuppan productions and we’d like to stay it that way.

Without further ado, please enjoy!

[manga] Promise of Children ch.5

Here’s the second release in celebrating our 1000 likes in our Facebook page! Sorry for the long wait to those who are reading this manga! Hoka and I are truly busy with life matters so I hope you’ll forgive us! *bows* Please don’t forget to say your thanks to the BangAQUA team as well! *hugs BA team*

To those who donated for Koi Monogatari, thank you very much but apparently a group has already have it in their future list so we will be dropping it in our list. I’ll be saving the donations though for the next year batch of new mangas :)

Without further ado, please enjoy!

Cleaning Colorful Line ch.2 now since I just remembered my MXR files are still syncing to my computer. I didn’t save them in my external HD psh.

Preview of another of Ichikawa Kei’s manga

…it’s a one-shot, though

About BSC

So apparently, the release date of the magazine was 8/29. Uminonaka girls already made an order for it but it’ll take some time to arrive. At least we know now, yeah? Don’t worry guys, we’ll work on it as soon as the scans have been scanned :)

[manga] HonSei ch.3

To celebrate the 1000 likes in our Facebook page, here’s a release from one of our long hiatus projects! We’ve already have this translated so expect it to be done soon! Also, before you ask why this is only a read online link, that’s because this book is a production of Libre Shuppan, so there won’t be any download link here, guys. Sorry for the inconvenience! It’s to keep our scans from being leaked to the bigger manga reading sites.

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