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project updates
Scripting Department
  • Fukuro-kun to Kare
  • Honjitsu ha Seitennari! ch.3

Editing Department
  • Ryoute ni Darling ch.3
  • Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.8
  • Flower and Bunny extra

  • KHR dj - And He Closed His Eyes 3
  • KHR dj - The Hitman Who Loved Me 2

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Jul 23 14
prettysemes: I think 'pupette' on the nihonomaru forum has chinese scans of Koi Monogatari by Tagura Tohru. Don't know if that helps. :/

Yes I know, but I’m looking for Japanese ones ^^;

Jul 21 14

Colorful Line by Ichikawa Kei

Jul 21 14
Brand new look!

Finally had time to change the layout. What do you guys think? :)

Jul 21 14

Here’s the long awaited chapter 3 of Flower and Bunny! I’ve finally finished typesetting it, omg. It’s been days since I’ve been lazing around with this chapter, sorreh =A= About adf.ly, it’s best if you use Google Chrome in accessing our website ^^; Less pop-ups that way. I’ll just apologize for those who kept on getting weird pop-ups from the advertising link.

On the side note, I’m looking for THIS if anyone has a copy of it and is willing to scan a particular series for us - こいものがたり by Tagura Tohru. If you can or know someone who can, please email us at mxr.scans@gmail.com. Thanks!

Anyway, hope ya enjoy this chapter! Ciao~

Jul 20 14

Jul 20 14

Hmmm…. Was wondering if anyone here knows or has a copy of this in Japanese and is willing to scan it for us…?

Jul 20 14


blue sky complex 5 gave me such violent feels i read it twice


with 50 notes — via gwkimmy

Jul 20 14


Manga: Blue Sky Complex by Ichikawa Kei.

Colored by: Nhae

Please don’t remove the credits!

This is a lovely color :3

Jul 20 14
We will be working on this soon :3

Photo: Will work on this soon :)

Just a one-shot by Ichikawa Kei :D

Jul 19 14

I know this has been translated already but meh, I want to release MXR version coz I can’t help scanlating Kabosu’s works. She’s my favorite 6927 artist since I started to ship them :) I love this pairing so much that I’ve bought a lot of posters of them already.

On the side note, I’ll release Flower and Bunny soo~nish. I’m really sorry for the long wait! Been lazy typesetting manga, I don’t know why :|

Anyway, hope ya enjoy! :D

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