This page says it all! Maeda is officially an I-D-I-O-T. He may be good-looking but he’s a major baka!

But I ship Maeda x Minato together so he’s still cute to me, ohoho~

Hanashi wo Shinagara [While we Talk]
by Ichikawa Kei

badspellerlupe SAID:
love your work, quick question when is Blue Sky Complex scans going to come out thank you

Not exactly sure when. I’ll be checking Uminonaka scans blog mid-September since they only made an order for it when Cab magazine came out of 8/29.

yaoi-shounenai SAID:
Omg you're just giving me the best news lately ♥ I really love wait you're doing (and everybody who's working so hard, I appreciate that a lot) ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (I'm so emotional sorry)

Well, my staff and I are trying to update our forgotten project titles so you’re welcome :DD We are delighted to know that you love what we do. We hope you’ll forgive us for being slow, though orz.

Got the magazine for Slow Starter’s extra, Stargazer. I already have it scanned so let’s just hope our freelance translator is not busy =w=

hyxlyns SAID:
Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I'm a big fan of Ichikawa Kei's work and I really appreciate all the time and effort your team and others put into translating for everyone. I can't wait to read everything once your projects are completed! :3 ♥

It is our pleasure to please our lovely readers <3

Woohoo! For Ichikawa Kei fans out there, REJOICE for the person who got a subscription to BexBoy magazine permits us to use his/her scans for Sore wo Koigokoro to Yobu no Nara :) We will work on it as soon as the raws have been scanned. This may make us having too many ongoing projects but fear not! Three manga projects of ours are probably gonna be completed soon this year, so yay :D

We just can’t get enough of sensei’s lovely stories, neh?

Aww, thank you :3

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