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- CLEANERS, CLEANERS, CLEANERS. Thank you very much. Past experience are necessary. Please go to Recruitment page for more info.

- JAPANESE TRANSLATORS for Honey Sweet Kitchen series.

- Ryoute ni Darling ch.4 - J/E Proofreader

Getting Translated

- SNK dj - Black History
- SNK dj - Pride
- Slow Starter Extra - Stargazer
- KHR dj - Ease
- KHR dj - Rest
- Honjitsu ha Seitennari! ch.4

Getting Cleaned/Typestted

- Crown Craze ch.5 : CL/TS
- Dangan Honey ch.5 : TS
- Kachou wa Kakko Ii ch.5 : CL
- KHR dj - Recitativo : TS
- KHR dj - Innocent + 2 : TS

Getting Quality-Checked

- Flower and Bunny ch.1
- KHR dj: The Hitman Who Loved Me pt.2

In the mood to typeset coz Bella finally finished translating the Stargazer part  Many thanks for her hard work.

She’s working on chapter 3 of Hana to Usagi now :)

Flower and Bunny



A relatively new mangaka that deserves more love~ Chiaki Kashima’s debut work “Hana to Usagi" is a collection of super cute, light-hearted comedy stories about three couples. The H-level is low but moe level is 2000%! (◜▿‾ ≡‾▿◝)

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Hi! Could I ask if you guys have done scanlations for Hana to Usagi manga? :)

We’re working on it. We are a bit a bunch of zombies but we are working on it behind the gory scenes :)

Is there a projected timeframe for your translation of Slow Starter - Stargazer to be finished? I just rediscovered it and got all excited over the idea of an update. Take your time, I'm just curious c:

Our translator is on leave right now so it’ll take us a while to finish it.

Hey! Can I have the keyword for your SnK translation "Corporal is too scary for me"? Thanks a lot for your hard work :)

We apologize but we are no longer having this doujinshi downloaded. You can read it online here, though :)

Happy Birthday, Toki~

Happy Birthday to one of our dearest translators, night-bells! Thanks for coping with us, heh. Hope you’re having a great day today! :)